Meet Langley Powell.

What would you do if the belief you'd dedicated your life to turned out to be completely, hilariously wrong?

And what if you only found out just how wrong you'd been after you died in one of the most humiliating ways possible?

These are the questions facing Langley Powell, world-renowned debunker of paranormal phenomena, after he's flattened by a falling piano. Reluctant as he is to admit it, he has become a ghost — but before he can even come to terms with his bizarre new reality, he's thrown into a dangerous mission to save the very fabric of existence. Can Langley believe the people he's supposed to trust? Is this all really the fault of the disgraced magician who made him a skeptic in the first place? And how many insults will he have to bear from Frank, the foulmouthed, pint-sized government agent who's sworn to protect him along the way?

Published by Humorist Books, Langley Powell and the Society for the Defense of the Mundane is part supernatural comedy, part mystery, and part absurd history lesson. On Langley and Frank's journey, they're just as likely to meet up with Albert Einstein, J. Edgar Hoover, or Tom Petty as they are to confront the forces of supernatural evil or a president who really, really likes Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Langley Powell book cover